Mark Lyttleton is an angel investor, business mentor and public speaker who currently has stakes in more than 30 businesses. As the founder of Prana Partners, Mark Lyttleton has created an organisation that aims to share knowledge acquired over many years of investing in companies, promoting collaboration and humanity in business.

Whether a business’s objective is to be as profitable as possible, or its mission is to help the environment or society, Prana Partners can help companies to map out strategic paths, enabling them to fulfil their visions. You can learn more about the importance of strategic planning in business by viewing the attached infographic.

Prana Partners helps the businesses it partners with to:

  • Optimise their existing business strategies
  • Address financial structuring of the business
  • Design a business plan that supports capital raising

With more than 25 years of experience with business analysis, Prana Partners does not aim to run the businesses it supports, but instead helps them to avoid common pitfalls and capture promising opportunities. Having robust financials is important for any business, freeing up leadership’s time to concentrate on strategic activities and allowing them the headspace to concentrate on customers and products. The PDF attachment explains why prioritising the customer experience is vital in the business world today, identifying a selection of effective strategies to enhance customer journeys.

Prana Partners provides mentoring opportunities, guiding entrepreneurs through the challenging process of starting up and growing their businesses, which can otherwise be a somewhat difficult – not to mention, lonely – path. Prana Partners lightens the burden of the founders it works with, fighting their corner and providing invaluable support and practical advice.

Praana Partners concentrates on areas where it can add value to its clients, serving as a trusted partner and confidante to help the business leaders of tomorrow achieve their full potential. Praana Partners’ founder,

Mark Lyttleton, has been involved with the financial services industry since 1992, having worked at Merrill Lynch, Mercury Asset Management and Blackrock as a fund manager. Following a highly successful 20-year career running long-short and long-only equity portfolios, Mark Lyttleton decided on a complete change of direction in 2013.

Since then, he has supported more than 50 early stage businesses, providing leadership with mentoring and advisory services, in many cases investing much-needed capital and assistance to enable the businesses to get off the ground, grow and prosper.