Angel investor and business mentor Mark Lyttleton is proud to support a variety of different causes, including Make-A-Wish. This article will explore the various different ways that people can support Make-A-Wish, from devoting time and expertise as a volunteer to completing their own fundraising challenge. The attached infographic takes a closer look at the impact of Make-A-Wish.

Across the United Kingdom today, around 63,000 children are eligible for a wish because they have a life-threatening or life-limiting condition. From the moment of diagnosis, their childhood and family lives are often turned on their heads, with simple pleasures replaced by medical appointments, isolation, worry, disruption and financial uncertainty.

Make-A-Wish was created to help families set those issues to one side by presenting children with the opportunity to choose a special wish that is unique to them. When so much in their lives has already been decided for them due to their health needs, Make-A-Wish empowers children, inspiring them to chase a dream that creates happiness, hope and memories for the whole family to cherish. The attached PDF takes a closer look at the history of Make-A-Wish.

For children who have been diagnosed with a critical illness, medical appointments can completely disrupt their daily routines, taking them away from their family and friends. Rather than enjoying a carefree childhood, these children often have to endure pain and worry, rather than focussing on simple pleasures like having sleepovers, riding a bike and learning to swim.

Granting children’s wishes empowers them, providing them with choice at a time in their lives where so much else is decided for them. Make-A-Wish gives children something positive to look forward to, as well as precious memories to look back on in difficult times – helping children to build their resilience and presenting an opportunity to spend precious time with their families creating memories to treasure forever.

For those interested in supporting Make-A-Wish, there are a range of options to choose from. From gala dinners and cake bakes to sponsored walks and runs, the Make-A-Wish website presents a range of activities that fundraisers can get involved in.

For supporters planning to stage their own event in the local community, Make-A-Wish provides tips and ideas to help fundraisers get started, as well as materials to support them on their journey. Make-A-Wish is heavily reliant on its volunteers, presenting an opportunity for those with free time on their hands to make a real difference for children and their families. The embedded video looks at the Make-A-Wish Corporate Partnership scheme and how businesses can partner with the organisation to grant life-changing wishes for young people.