Mark Lyttleton is a long-time supporter of Dogs Trust, a UK charity created to ensure that all dogs live life to the full. The attached PDF takes a closer look at Dogs Trust and its history and impact, providing a better future for dogs and dog owners alike.

This article will provide an overview of some of the main benefits of charitable giving.

Giving to worthy causes benefits more than the just the charities that receive the support. According to the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index 2022, more people than ever before chose to give to charity in 2021, with more than three billion individuals reporting that they helped a stranger that year. The embedded video takes a closer look at the Charities Aid Foundation and the organisation’s vital work.

Giving to charity is gratifying and potentially life-changing for all involved. From the donor’s perspective, charitable donations are a way of strengthening their personal values, with research from the Charities Aid Foundation revealing that 96% of respondents agreed, irrespective of the charities they supported, that they had a moral duty to do what they could to help others – a sentiment deeply rooted in their personal principles and values.

Giving provides an opportunity to drive positive change in the world. In addition, schemes in the UK such as Gift Aid help to boost the impact of every donation, with the income tax relief programme enabling charities to recover the basic rate of tax on donations, equating to 25%, at no extra cost.

Family giving can help to bolster relationships and bonds through a shared goal, with one family member’s generosity inspiring others to follow suit, joining forces to make an even more positive impact. Sharing the experience of donating to worthy causes is a powerful way to instil in children from a young age a belief in their ability to make positive changes in the world. The attached infographic shares some interesting statistics on charitable giving in the UK.

Charitable giving can provide a valuable boost in mood as well as a sense of purpose, particularly when donors can see how their money has been spent – showing them the positive impact their donation has had on the world.

Finally, and most importantly, giving to charity saves and enhances lives, enabling non-profits and other organisations to undertake groundbreaking work, bringing lasting change to those most in need, and ensuring that the positive effects of donations are felt for years to come.