‘Prana’ means ‘life’s energy’. Pranic Healing is a highly evolved non-touch complementary therapy that can be used to enhance any area of an individual’s life. Implementing a highly systematic scientific approach, Pranic Healing is distinct from other healing therapies as a simple yet powerful system that works on the principle that the human body is a self-healing organism. 

In addition to his work as a business mentor, speaker and angel investor, Mark Lyttleton is also a certified Pranic Healer. This article will explore the fundamentals of Pranic Healing, identifying the main principles involved and how it can be used to treat a variety of physical and psychological issues. 

With people living such busy and demanding daily lives today, health issues can arrive through certain lifestyles, patterns and psychological changes. Pranic Healing provides specific techniques to reverse these patterns, staving off conditions and ailments and enabling the body to effectively heal itself. You can learn more about the origins of Pranic Healing by viewing the attached PDF. 

Pranic Healing uses the Prana, also known as Chi, to improve physical and psychological health. Pranic Healers can heal themselves and others around them, including people of all ages and children. 

Pranic healing addresses mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health issues without touching the physical body. It can be used to address both minor and major issues, providing a highly-evolved energy healing system that helps to harmonise, balance and transform people’s lives. You can learn more about the physical ailments and conditions Pranic Healing can be used to treat by viewing the attached infographic. 

Pranic Healing makes participants aware of the aura surrounding their body and the impact that chakras can have on their health. Individuals who practice Pranic Healing learn to feel or scan auras, determining which parts are healthy and which are compromised, or congested. Pranic Healers use this knowledge to help balance deficit energies through chakra healing methods. By learning about energies and auras, Pranic Healers gradually become more and more aware of the presence of energies in people and the universe at large. You can learn more about the aura by viewing the attached video. 

Disease and health disturbances cause imbalances in a person’s energy field. Pranic Healing restores balance, transferring life force to the patient. Undertaken by trained and experienced Pranic Healers, Pranic Healing is the art of accessing universal energy and transmitting it to the participant’s body using specific frequencies and techniques to target particular psychological and physical health conditions.