An experienced angel investor and business mentor, Mark Lyttleton has invested in companies across a broad range of industries, nurturing entrepreneurs and helping them to grow their early-stage companies. This article will look at Maanch, an organisation Mark Lyttleton invested in with the aim of achieving a positive planetary impact.

Maanch is a platform for philanthropy, corporates and impact investors, helping them to deliver more impact per investment towards achieving the UN Sustainability Development Goals and managing impact data with more insight, efficiency and immediacy. You can learn more about the UN Sustainability Development Goals by viewing the attached PDF.

Maanch aims to inspire and enable participants in the impact ecosystem, helping them to reallocate resources and capital towards achieving UN Sustainability Development Goals through the data, intelligence, networks and dashboards that make up its (M)-Give and (M)-Invest solutions.

(M)-Give solutions serve stakeholders of the philanthropy ecosystem, reducing the cost of fundraising, facilitating operational facilities and promoting impact measurement activities to increase the impact of every donation. You can learn more about charitable giving trends in the UK by viewing the attached infographic.

(M)-Invest solutions help forward-thinking organisations to make impact-inclusive decisions, enabling asset managers and their clients to allocate capital to investments that have the greatest impact – and helping companies to identify and visualise this impact across operations.  It can also help analyse existing investments and portfolios to assist with reporting requirements.

Maanch’s innovative impact engagement technology instils trust, facilitating enhanced decision making and leveraging technology to unify the impact ecosystem, delivering more impact per investment and a fairer future for all.

Maanch was founded by Darshita Gillies, who continues to lead the company as CEO today. A manifestation of her vision to create ‘a fair future for all’, the company builds on and blends four facets: Technology; Leadership Development; Finance and Strategy; and Planetary Sustainability.

Gillies aims to leverage the power of emerging technologies to address complex challenges faced by both businesses and society at large in a more conscious, strategic and sustainable way. With a background in chartered accounting, investment banking, impact investing, FinTech and blockchain, Darshita Gillies also serves on the board of several for-profit and non-profit organisations.

Designed to accelerate the corporate journey towards sustainability, Maanch’s Impact Masterclass helps ambitious companies to embed sustainability at the heart of their business, preparing businesses across all industries for the key impact areas to focus on. Maanch helps to accelerate companies’ journeys towards sustainability, providing essential tools to give clarity of the impact of a wide range of investments.