SKOOT is a B-Corp Certified platform for climate change that enables individuals, businesses and communities to lower their carbon footprint, creating a greener, cleaner world in the race to net-zero. 

Business mentor, speaker and investor in early stage companies, Mark Lyttleton, particularly focuses on supporting companies that impart a positive planetary impact. This article explores SKOOT’s mission and impact, as well as outlining the services it provides. 

SKOOT was created to deliver comprehensive, simple solutions to the complex issue of climate change, helping individuals and organisations to identify their carbon footprint and offering quality climate solutions and tools to avoid carbon emissions. SKOOT works with world renowned NGOs, planting certified trees that are cared for and protected, collaborating with two of the world’s largest and most established companies to provide verified carbon credits. You can learn more about SKOOT’s impact by viewing the attached infographic. 

Mother nature simply cannot wait until 2030 for policymakers and governments all over the world to start doing something about climate change. SKOOT was created to enable as many people as possible to start playing a role in tackling climate change right now. 

SKOOT helps people to identify their carbon footprint and provides quality climate solutions, thus enabling them to avoid carbon emissions. Using SKOOT’s green solutions, including its patented green carpooling and navigation app, SKOOT Ride, the organisation’s climate-conscious community has driven more than 500,000 green miles, helping to plant more than 300,000 trees. These trees alone will remove more than 120,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 25 years. 

Recognising that there is no Planet B, SKOOT has provided a Plan A to help restore the world’s ecosystems. SKOOT’s mission is to unite people to work collectively towards a carbon-free world, joining together to reverse years of climate damage and joining the race to net-zero. Learn more about net-zero by viewing the attached PDF. 

SKOOT has developed the world’s first and only carbon-negative green navigation app for drivers. Whether driving to work, doing the school run or just getting from A to B, SKOOT plants a tree for every trip a user takes. Users simply download SKOOT’s Drive Now app, complete their profile, click ‘Drive Now’ and start driving. By planting trees, the app enables users to shrink their carbon footprint and helps them to grow their own virtual forest, all completely free of charge. Learn about SKOOT’s 1M Tree Challenge by viewing the attached video.