With a keen focus on supporting early stage businesses making a positive planetary impact, Mark Lyttleton is a business mentor and angel investor with stakes in more than 30 businesses. This article will look at Pulpex, a company that produces sustainable packaging, helping to reduce reliance on the plastics that pollute the environment (as well as using up finite natural resources). You can learn more about the negative environmental repercussions of continued reliance on single-use plastics by viewing the attached PDF.

Described as the future of sustainable packaging, Pulpex is a recyclable and renewable packaging technology company operating with a single-minded vision: to revolutionise the renewable packaging industry. Pulpex is a first-of-its-kind, patented pulp packaging solution that utilises innovative technology to provide highly anticipated and much-needed eco-packaging category change.

Pulpex’s patented technology enables businesses to rethink packaging propositions, helping them to meet their sustainability goals. You can learn about the benefits of embracing eco-friendly practices from a business owner’s perspective by viewing the attached infographic.

Ewan Andrew is Diageo PLC’s chief sustainability officer. Explaining that his company was constantly striving to push the boundaries within sustainable packaging, he said that Pulpex had the potential to be truly groundbreaking.

In response to rising concerns, governments all over the world are increasingly implementing regulations to deal with plastics and packaging that will ultimately affect consumer choice. However, many consumers are actually willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging choices, accepting that an ecological compromise may be necessary. Meanwhile, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have become a fundamental part of corporate strategy, with forward-thinking companies anticipating, rather than merely responding to, consumer demand.

Retailers often find themselves caught between corporates and governmental legislation. Today, retailers are increasingly taking the lead in terms of eliminating certain materials from packaging chains, positioning themselves as advocates for a more sustainable approach.

Pulpex presents brands with a valuable opportunity to rethink their packaging propositions, presenting recyclable, renewable bottles made from biodegradable pulp that have the potential to deliver significant improvements in comparison with PET bottles (30% savings) and glass bottles (90% savings). Pulpex removes harmful plastic waste from the environment, addressing access to recycling infrastructure and recycling rates.

In addition to being the environmentally conscious choice, Pulpex is also highly customisable, enhancing brand identify through the addition of sustainably coloured pigments, as well as enabling brands to translate distinctive brand packaging shapes and forms into identifiable Pulpex bottles. You can learn about the manufacturing process for Pulpex bottles by viewing the attached video.