With 30 years’ experience of investing in both private and public markets, Mark Lyttleton is the founder of Prana Partners. This article will explore Prana Partners’ mission, as well as providing an overview of the services it offers.

Conceived to share investment knowledge and experience acquired over many years, Prana Partners was founded with the goal of increasing both collaboration and humanity in business. At this stage in humankind’s evolution, increasing emphasis is being placed on societal improvement, with the public and business owners alike coming to see that adding real value in stakeholders’ lives is at least as important as financial success.

Prana Partners’ ultimate objective is to help businesses at all stages of their evolution, providing strategic and thoughtful advice to enable enterprises to grow and flourish as they move through changing times. You can learn about how the pandemic created opportunities as well as challenges in the business world by viewing the attached PDF.

Companies that have partnered with Prana Partners have likened the experience to working with a chef or a teacher, sharing wisdom and experience to help unlock the client’s inner knowledge. Prana Partners combines this with the creative alchemy of finding outcomes that satisfy and delight the business owners it works with.

Prana Partners’ specialist advice focuses on aspects where they can add real value to clients. Serving as a trusted partner and confidante to businesses’ management, Prana Partners helps business owners to reach their true potential by providing a wide spectrum of assistance. The attached infographic highlights the different ways that mentorship can help entrepreneurs, providing them with a firm foundation to take their business to the next level.

Services offered by Prana Partners include:

  • Financial Structuring: Helping businesses to develop robust financials, freeing up the entrepreneur’s time to spend on strategical activities, developing their products and enhancing the customer journey.
  • Mentoring: Standing beside business owners through every step of their entrepreneurial journey, lightening the burden through what can be a difficult and lonely process.
  • Strategic Advice: Prana Partners does not run the entrepreneur’s business for them; rather, it helps them to recognise and capture important opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Bespoke Services: Prana Partners has close relationships with expert, discreet service providers in London, Monaco and French Cote d’Azur for clients who need an advisory or discretionary offering for high net-worths.

Whether the business owner’s objective is to make their business as profitable as possible or to help the environment and society at large, Prana Partners helps entrepreneurs to map out their strategic path, enabling them to fulfil their creative vision. Discover why strategic planning is so important in business by watching the attached video.